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Use the power of your mind to stop overe

You can stop overeating and lose weight for good, but not with a diet or exercise program.

Real change happens from the inside out.

Mindful Weight Loss isn't just about meditation. It's about creating the right mindset,
understanding your brain, and leveraging your awareness to stop the overeating habit. 

It's not an easy, quick fix. It requires work. It requires some discomfort.
But when you master these tools, you don't just master your weight.

You master your life.

Overcome Your Triggers to Overeat

Watch this free training to discover what's really triggering you to overeat and how you can stop it.

In over 50 years of worrying about my weight, I have tried a myriad of things to lose weight. I felt pretty defeated and hopeless. After completing this program, I am no longer held captive by my weight.


Do this program. Know it will take mental effort along with physical changes, but it's totally worth your time. Emily is there for you and has been down many of the futile paths you may have been on, so she knows. She has done her research and offers a program designed to help you be successful.

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