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Use the power of your mind to stop overe

Every diet digs you deeper into a hole - a hole filled with:


  • anxiety and stress

  • mistrust in your body and in food

  • perpetual failure and shame​

And in the end, you gain your weight back and then some, because the stress, mistrust, and shame set you up to overeat!

The Mindful Weight Loss approach isn't a diet. This isn't about adhering to external rules that tell you what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, or how to move your body.

Mindful Weight Loss is an inside-out approach that shows you how to harness YOUR power to create change.

Mindful Weight Loss will teach you: 

  • to understand your brain, biology, and why you overeat

  • to manage your mindset and allow your emotions

  • how to make peace with your body

  • how to truly enjoy food

  • how to have a positive relationship with yourself and with life


The 3-month framework will help you:

  • LEARN how the overeating habit works, how your brain falls into the overeating trap, and how you can stop it

  • DO the work of behavior change by applying the right thoughts and strategies to your instances of overeating

  • BECOME someone who thinks and acts so that overeating is no longer an issue


Each week includes: 

  • Instructive, inspiring audios with new concepts and tools

  • Daily exercises and worksheets to reinforce your learning

  • A new meditation to increase your awareness and insight

  • Continuous support (ask me ANY question and get a response within two business days)

It's enough content to push you but not too much to overwhelm you.

See what you'll learn each week: 

Month 1: Awareness

This is our learning phase. You'll discover the right mindset that you've likely been missing, what truly drives you to overeat, and the strategic framework you can use to defeat overeating. 

Week 1: Mindset & Tracking

We begin by creating the right mindset and zeroing in on the real problem (Hint: it's not you, your discipline, food, or specific foods like sugar, carbs, or fat.) You'll begin meditating and tracking your food and your weight to proactively create a more positive, balanced relationship with food, the scale, and your brain.

Week 2: Thoughts

In week two you'll discover how your thoughts contribute to overeating. You'll learn about the cognitive-behavioral model and the work of Byron Katie. We'll also examine the human propensity to judge, argue with reality, and beat ourselves up. 

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Week 3: Why You Overeat

In week three we dissect the overeating habit so you can clearly see what is truly driving you to overeat. We'll break down the different types of cues and take stock of your own patterns so we are ready to apply the right strategies to overcome them. 

Week 4: Strategy Builder

Once you understand the overeating habit, it's time to apply the corresponding strategy to defeat it! You will learn a simple but extremely powerful framework you can apply to ALL of your instances of overeating. 

Month 2: Strategy

In month two we apply all that we've learned. We'll use and refine our strategies to defeat the overeating habit, and we'll dive deep into each element of the habit to make these strategies bulletproof. We'll also learn about balancing dopamine and how to start moving towards a new identity.

Week 5: Cues

In week five we dive deep into habit cues, examining everyday cues, unlikely cues, hidden cues, and more. By the end, you'll be confident that your cues no longer own you. You'll own them!

Week 6: Thoughts

In week six we reinforce and build on lessons we learned in week two. You'll become an expert at how to identify your negative thought patterns and cognitive distortions and how to reframe and respond to them. 

Week 7: Feelings

When we no longer use overeating to cope with our emotions we need to learn how to allow them. This week you'll practice allowing and feeling your feelings, including hunger and cravings. 

Week 8: Actions

In week eight we identify the ideal alternative actions to use when faced with urges to overeat. By the end, you'll have a robust understanding of your dopamine pathways, and how to balance dopamine to create new habits that stick. 

Month 3: Identity

In month three we do the work of identity change to ensure that you can be done with overeating for good. We'll leverage the powers of reframing, ritual, and mental rehearsal to keep you moving away from overeating and towards your desired future.

Week 9: Behaviors

In week nine we move beyond actions to define the behaviors of your future self. We literally begin to create the new you by deciding where the energy of the overeating habit can be placed once it's gone.

Week 10: Rituals & Mental Rehearsal

In week ten we learn to create habits with greater awareness, and how to harness the brain's inability to judge real from imagined events to generate our desired future even faster. 

Week 11: The Past

In week 11 we create a practice to rewrite the past, befriend ourselves, and accept reality so that we can move past limiting beliefs that may have been keeping us stuck. 

Week 12: The Future

Finally, in week 12, we renew our commitment to continue to defeat overeating and refine our rituals to ensure that we are actively creating our future - a future that doesn't  include overeating - each and every day. 

In over 50 years of worrying about my weight, I have tried a myriad of things to lose weight. I felt pretty defeated and hopeless. After completing this program, I am no longer held captive by my weight.


Do this program. Know it will take mental effort along with physical changes, but it's totally worth your time. Emily is there for you and has been down many of the futile paths you may have been on, so she knows. She has done her research and offers a program designed to help you be successful.

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We're making some changes! The program isn't available at this time. 
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