Hi, I'm Emily.

I've been ten to forty pounds overweight since I was ten years old. And I tried EVERYTHING to lose that weight - from extreme exercise programs like P90X® to extreme eating regimens like Eat-Stop-Eat, and everything in between. I went vegan, I went paleo. Nothing produced the results I wanted and, as a result, nothing stuck.

And the whole time I KNEW that something else was going on - that this was a brain issue. I came to identify as an overeater and a binge eater, so I read everything I could about eating disorders, habits, and addictions. I started meditating, and read every self-help book I could get my hands on. But something was still missing. 

And so in 2018 I began training as a life coach and started developing the program that I needed - the program that would become Mindful Weight Loss. I integrated all of the knowledge I'd gained over the years. I learned all that I could about neuroscience, psychology, habit formation, and identity change. And I discovered new concepts and developed new tools that aren't taught anywhere else.


The result? A new approach to weight loss that finally produced results - and far beyond the scale. Better than being slimmer, I no longer walk around feeling broken or like something is missing.


I am in control of my eating and I'm confident that I have won the war with overeating. And I really want that for you too!


Overcome Your Triggers to Overeat

Watch this free training to discover what's really triggering you to overeat and how you can stop it.